The Weathering Report #9

Thursday 11 May, 2017.
Frontyard Library, Marrickville NSW

8am pastries and tea in the library. Scarcity of sleep coupled with overabundant enthusiasm.

Plotting wildly ambitious larger-scale collective weatherings (in Banff? Sweden?), as well as future encounters we might stage with publics, via research-based residencies, exhibitions and workshops. Considered locations for said encounters: Sydney Observatory (revisiting Dawes research from Tilting at Windmills), Paddington Reservoir, Verge Gallery…[Note: in accordance with the collective’s slow-growth patterns, these developments are not predicted to surface anytime before 2019].

First print publication half-materialised (see Warnings Current) promises more little books further down the track.

> A Short and Incomplete History of Dibble St. Waterhole (forgotten watering hole that cropped up during research for the Chart Collective map. What is it?!)
> potentially another little book on cycling as weathering / weather cycles

Talk of eventually making a short-run edition lithograph print version of the Chart map (see latest Detailed Observation) at Big Fag Press. Or a set of silk-screened tea towels, one for each water body.

Thinking about the politics or implications of weathering (beyond just our experiments and tinkerings).

Concise meeting notes from Jen:

“More public engagement. How…
Rivers Australia
Print on Big Fag
Update blog


Four things on the immediate horizon boding well:

1. The Weathering Report Occasional Supplement #1. A slow-cooked small print publication to accompany the very first Weathering Report. With Tessa’s newly-acquired risograph whispering skills, it’s time to finally try printing the moon. You’ll find it on the Cloudship Press table at this year’s Other Worlds zine fair.

2. Our contribution to the forthcoming Chart Collective digital publication should be published sometime *soon*… Another project not in a hurry. See below.

3. Astrida and Jen are writing a piece for the Conversation for the Hacking the Anthropocene conference in late May.

4. In June, Jen and Astrida will travel to Rindö, Sweden to work to integrate ideas and experiments of Weathering with a group of early childhood educators. Full lowdown in the next Weathering Report.

Microclimates. A collaborative cartographic commission for Chart Collective. Detailed observations available here



Remarkably, just about everyone involved in Weathering has a new book out right now. Reading close to home this month, kids!

Jennifer Mae Hamilton (2017), This Contentious Storm: An Ecocritical and Performance History of King Lear, Bloomsbury
Astrida Neimanis (2017), Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology, Bloomsbury
Kate Wright (2016), Transdisciplinary Journeys in the Anthropocene: More than Human Encounters, Routledge
Tessa Zettel & Susie Nelson (2017), Making Time: An Illustrated Compendium of Notes on Preserving Food + Futures in an Age of Unsettlement, Cloudship Press
&.. while we wait for Bec Giggs’s forthcoming book on whales, here’s a new piece from her on jellyfish Imagining the jellyfish apocalypse, published in The Atlantic.

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