Occasional Supplement #1

Our first Occasional Supplement – ‘But how are we going to print the moon?’Or, the weather of one’s stride as measured by a plastic bucket, a string, a piece of paper, a pencil, movement and time  has arrived! It’s a hard-copy supplement to The Weathering Report #1, and contains the results of an exercise we conducted last January in measuring the weather of a moving body, as well as extracts from Merleau-Ponty and CA Conrad, who were in the air at that time.

The booklet is a classic A6 8-page folded zine. We printed 30 of them on the riso at The Rizzeria collective in Sydney, in a rather fetching grey ink on black paper, and still have a few left. If you’d like one, leave a comment below and we’ll tell you how.

More to follow, in good time.

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    […] tuned for the Occasional Weathering Report Supplement, a micro print-publication set to accompany these online […]

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    […] 1. The Weathering Report Occasional Supplement #1. A slow-cooked small print publication to accompany the very first Weathering Report. With Tessa’s newly-acquired risograph whispering skills, it’s time to finally try printing the moon. You’ll find it on the Cloudship Press table at this year’s Other Worlds zine fair. 2. Our contribution to the forthcoming Chart Collective digital publication should be published sometime *soon*… Another project not in a hurry. See below. […]

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