The Weathering Map Update

Getting ready for our contribution to Chart Collective, Tessa and Jen spent Wednesday afternoon discussing how to represent our collective microclimates on a “map” given 2/3rds of the collective were not in the same general location.

The questions of the discussion:

  • How to represent weather that is not connected to place?
  • How to represent a collaboration that is geographically unevenly spaced?
  • What is the thing that links us?
  • How to move from the epochal anthropocenic scale of climate change to the mundane, everyday personal microclimate?

Images of Weather Maps:

  • Climate graphs represent time and are terrible ways of representing the lived experience of climate:
  • Old weather maps are pretty: / (this map was drawn one week before Tessa’s grandmother left Germany).
  • William Dawes’s first map of Sydney – a very incomplete grasp of place. Potentially analogous to our grasp of climate×2-700×467.jpg (possibly analogous to a weather map without place)
  • Google offers no help on the question “how to represent time?” –
  • Tessa’s wind map is really interesting:

We thought that the topographical layer of the standard weather map is limiting our imaginations and that climate and time

PERSONAL MICROCLIMATE AS CITIZEN SCIENCE VERSION OF CLIMATE CHANGE  The only way we get a sense of the average is through personal observation of trends

REDUNDANT MICROCLIMATES OF OLD BUILDINGS / THE MICROCLIMATES OF INCOMPLETE RENOVATIONS – how the build environment and the ideologies of private property, stages of technological development and personal need intersect to produce microclimates

THE WEATHERING MAP is more about climate than weather, old weather maps, however, provide a pool of resources for visualisation. Place does not unite us. We are united in our living present in this moment of epochal time.

Summary Notes:

[27/07/2016 6:24:17 pm] Jennifer Hamilton: To represent how these microclimates (repeatedly felt body weather) are linked to climate chage
[27/07/2016 6:24:31 pm] Jennifer Hamilton: repeatedly felt and/or observed
[27/07/2016 6:25:45 pm] Jennifer Hamilton: there is a duration to all these microclimates


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