The Weathering Report #2

21-23 Feb, 2016, Ingar Dam, Blue Mountains. “The quality of the water can be measured by the life forms present.”

*conducive to swimming and fire-in-the-evening.

  • Tessa Zettel – totally present
  • Kate Wright – around 4 months pregnant and looking for a comfy bed
  • Stephanie Springgay – incubating amoeba
  • Sarah Truman – ditto
  • Astrida Neimanis – slept well
  • Jennifer Hamilton – grumpy and happy
  • Rebecca Giggs – (Bush Google)

By spending 3 days and 2 nights in closer contact with the weather, might we develop methods for reading and responding to weather differently?

Loosely structured: Conversation, collaboration, conviviality (eating, swimming, walking, fire, talking, contemplation, movement, writing)

Feb 21

  • 10 am: depart Sydney
  • 2 pm: arrive Ingar Dam; set up camp; eat lunch (vegan sushi and sandwiches + nutritional yeast)
  • late afternoon: scouting sites, personal settling in, napping
  • Evening: collective trip to the High Ground to plan for the next day and a half. Swimming, fire, food (chickpea tagine)

Feb 22

  • Sunrise: qi gong, haiku, bodyweathering at the High Ground
  • A.M.: breakfast (pancakes & veggie sausage), JMH, TZ, AN – hike to the creek
  • Lunch: quiches and salads
  • PM: writing exercises: disciplined extrospection and weather ecologies; group discussion under the trees [TZ: moss + lichen; AN: ecotone of the dam (tadpole weather); SS/ST: rocks; KW: ants; BG: burrowing; JMH: picnic table]
  • Evening: dinner (burritos) + swimming + fire (with portwine)

Feb 23:

  • Sunrise – swimming or not
  • Morning: breakfast (quinoa porridge); packdown; future planning (see “Warnings”); departure.


  • supervisor/supervisee relationship
  • red wine is now too warm in Europe
  • hairy ball theorem is the maximum amount of hurricanes that the world can handle
  • ‘through wind’ – old latvian women complaining and precipitating the need for a sweater, always
  • Open the door so the wind can blow the soul out of the house (Jewish)
  • elixir field and pa fung (fear of wind)
  • how all kinds of species form an ecology of weather (eg. ants as markers/indicators)
  • tropopause (Bush Google)
  • gravity as an ecological force
  • what is that smell before rain (acutally)? (Petrichor? KW?)
  • some people make dangerous fires
  • there is something interesting about Captain Frederick Maury (1887?)
  • caterpillars liquify before becoming butterflies

See here for results of some of our experimentation.


DSCF2767  DSCF2769IMG_0977  IMG_0974

Thinking about going bigger and deeper.

We will meet again in March for Weathering #3 in Sydney.

Other prospects:

  • Ganguddy in the winter
  • Banff residency in 2017
  • epistolary projects
  • Presentations in late 2016 (ASLEC-ANZ Global Ecologies; Summer Institute of the Antipodes; Somatechnics)
  • chapbook
  • methods article

Question: How do you 3D print the weather?


map1  map2

wind maps by Tessa – Sat 5:30pm (ish), 10 mins, top of hill  / Mon lunchtime, 7 mins, campground


  • Karen Barad – Transmaterialities
  • Alphonso Lingis: “weather is neither substance nor subject” (Dangerous Emotions)
  • Jeffrey Cohen – Stone
  • Lawrence Bunuel on disciplined extrospection
  • Eve Sedgwick – Nationalisms and Sexualities

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